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Some In GOP Ready To Oust ‘Black Eye’ Madison Cawthorn Even If He Wins Tuesday Primary: Report

North Carolina voters will go to the polls on Tuesday, May 17, and one of the most controversial candidates on some ballots in the Tar Heel State is Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R), who has seen a steady drip of embarrassing stories, photos, and videos released over the past few weeks, making his bid for a second term in the House of Representatives unsteady to say the least.

But what if Cawthorn does manage to eke out a victory and wind up on the ballot come November? Some in the GOP are already considering that possibility and what can be done if it comes to pass, according to CNN:

“I met with the guy and said, ‘Don’t break the law again. You break the law one more time, I’m going to start calling for you to be kicked out,'” said one lawmaker affiliated with the party’s Donald Trump wing. “And I don’t mean kicked out of (the House Freedom) Caucus, I mean kicked out of Conference — voting him out. He’s a black eye on our conference.”

Imagine being too controversial for the same Republicans who have repeatedly turned a blind eye to the behavior of failed, one-term former President Donald Trump and his many scandals.

And if Cawthorn does wind up serving a second term, there are Republican leaders who are whispering they might just make him disappear by putting him on irrelevant committees:

“If he gets a committee at all, it will be some obscure assignment,” said a senior Republican. “He has zero chance (of getting on a good committee). We would be mocked as a conference if we put him on anything meaningful.”

Most in the GOP conference, however, are secretly hoping that voters in Cawthorn’s district will do the job for them and vote for someone else:

“It’s kind of up to him to get his act together,” said another Republican lawmaker. “But at some point in time, the conference is going to have to cut its losses. My hope is that North Carolina-11 will deal with it. But if they don’t, my argument has always been: we should.”

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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