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Sister Sarah Says She Will Work To ‘Primary’ House Speaker Ryan…You Betcha! (Video)

Sarah Palin is not the least bit happy with House Speaker Paul Ryan’s comments on withholding his support for presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, and she made her feelings clear–or as clear as someone as dense as Palin is capable of making them–earlier this morning on CNN.

Appearing on “State of the Union,” Sister Sarah, who has failed at everything she’s attempted since she quit as Governor of Alaska, said:

“I think Paul Ryan is soon to be ‘Cantored,’ as in Eric Cantor. His political career is over but for a miracle because he has so disrespected the will of the people, and as the leader of the GOP, the convention, certainly he is to remain neutral, and for him to already come out and say who he will not support is not a wise decision of his.”

Then again, what Palin says is basically irrelevant because she’s wrong 99.9 percent of the time. But she is good for a laugh or two.

Palin also said that Ryan is operating out of selfish motives. Specifically, Ryan’s desire to be the nominee in 2020:

“If the GOP were to win now, that wouldn’t bode well for his chances in 2020, and that’s what he’s shooting for.”

While she was available to spread her insanity, host Jake Tapper also asked Palin if she would consider being Trump’s pick for Vice President. You know, because she was of so much help to John McCain back in 2008. Her response:

“I want to help and not hurt. And I am such a realist that I realize there are a whole lot of people out there who would say, ‘Anybody but Palin.’ I wouldn’t want to be a burden on the ticket, and I realize in many, many eyes, I would be that burden. I just want the guy to win. I want America to win. And I don’t know if I would be the person that would be able to help him win.”

Here’s Sarah reinforcing her ignorance of all matters great and small on CNN:

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