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Shameless Trump Attempts To Blame Vets For His Failure To Disperse Funds He Raised For Them

If you were wondering just how big a pile of steaming human excrement Donald Trump is, he answered that question yesterday when he decided to attack veterans who dared to challenge his lies about how much money he allegedly raised for them.

This issue goes all the way back to January, when Trump declined to participate in a debate because one of the moderators was Fox News host Megyn Kelly. Instead, Trump held what he called a rally for veterans, and he announced at that rally that he’d raised $6 million for the cause. But as we’ve learned in recent days, Trump can only for $3.1 million, and there is absolutely no record of his own contribution, which he claimed was $1 million.

A group of angry vets protested outside Trump Tower yesterday, calling Trump a “fraud” and demanding he make a full accounting for the money raised and prove he has indeed given it to causes which support American veterans.

Trump, as you might expect, as highly insulted that anyone would dare question his veracity, despite the fact that he’s been caught in so many lies one needs a calculator to keep score. So he took to Twitter and began sending out this kind of crap:

Fortunately, David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post decided to challenge Trump’s blatant lies, and he did so on Twitter, since that’s the only real reading Trump seems to do:

Trump also sent out his thuggish campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, to vouch for his master, and he told “CBS This Morning:”

“Mr. Trump pledged a million dollars that he’s donated personally through his personal accounts, and not through his foundation. And the accounting that has been attributed to that has shown that $4.5 million already has been attributed. This is going to be somewhere between $5.5 million and $6 million total which will be given to the veterans. This was not an obligation Mr. Trump had. This is something he did to help the veterans so he can give back.”

Face it, Donald Trump is a con man. He’s a grifter who will take advantage of anyone–including those who served their country–to further his political ambitions or garner media attention. Donald Trump is also a cancer, and we are all obligated to excise this malignancy from our system on Election Day.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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