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Sean Hannity Tells The MAGA Faithful: ‘Constitutionally’ Trump Can Run For President From Prison

Question of the Day: If you’re Donald Trump, how do you know when you’re complete screwed and likely facing time in jail?

Answer: When Fox News host Sean Hannity starts trying to reassure the MAGA faithful that the U.S. Constitution doesn’t say a person can’t run for president from prison.

That’s what Hannity told listeners to his radio show Friday, according to Media Matters, which reports that Hannity had this to say:

“What do you think the next thing that happens here is, do you think that they would try and indict the former president in the hopes of convicting him and having him in jail at the time of the next election to prevent him from running?

“Because a conviction by the way, constitutionally, would not prevent him from running for office.”

Maybe not, but it would damn sure prevent him from actually serving as president, which would raise issues of its own.

Hannity added:

“You know, this code that is being cited by Marc Elias and all these other people negates the very enumerated qualifications in the Constitution, and the specific requirements for somebody not to be eligible to run, and that would be impeachment and conviction. It doesn’t mention anything about being, you know, maybe not following every single dotted i and crossed t in the Presidential Records Act of the National Archives Act.”

Here’s a prediction I would gladly wager as much as $1,000 on: If Donald Trump is indicted, convicted, and imprisoned before the 2024 presidential election and the GOP is dumb enough to nominate him, he’ll lose by the largest margin in U.S. electoral history.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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