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Sean Hannity Is So Afraid Trump Will Lose That He’s Stalking Joe Biden’s House

Fox News host Sean Hannity is terrified. He’s seen the polls from his network and other outlets, and they all suggest that Donald Trump is trailing Joe Biden and looks especially weak in key battleground states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

But rather than present facts or try to reason with viewers, Hannity has gone full batshit crazy and started stalking Biden’s house, demanding that the former vice president come out and give him an interview.

In case you missed it, on his show Tuesday evening, Hannity regurgitated the already debunked New York Post story about Hunter Biden and his father allegedly being involved in corruption, according to The Daily Beast:

“Hannity kicked off his program by noting that Fox News—whose news division reportedly passed on the story initially because of its lack of credibility—is now reporting that a law enforcement official says the FBI concurs that Hunter Biden’s emails and laptop aren’t part of a Russian disinformation plot. He then addressed the former vice president through the camera while the screen showed Biden’s darkened house.”

The unhinged Hannity stared into the camera and started speaking:

“Joe Biden, you have a lot of questions to answer. It’s time for you to answer them. What did you know? When did you know it? Did you take a cut of your son’s seedy international pay for play schemes?

“I know it’s 9 p.m. Eastern, Joe, but if you are still awake, we have a camera right outside of your house—right there, right now. You could walk outside of your house, leave your basement bunker, step out and answer these pressing questions. We will be happy to hear you out.”

Here’s the video:


Holy shit! Doesn’t the Secret Service arrest people for this kind of crap? Then why aren’t they slapping cuffs on Hannity? Is it only because he’d probably enjoy being restrained and treated like a “dirty boy?”

Worst of all, Hannity wasn’t finished with his video harassment of Biden, still staring at the camera as he droned on:

“Joe, if this is a really big smear campaign as you suggested over the weekend when you got one hard question that wasn’t about your milkshake—you can come outside, that’s Joe Biden’s house, his bunker is inside and the outside light is on. Come out and tell us why. Now we’re all ears, you have a full hour of the show. It’s all yours.”

Sean, dude! This shit has gotta stop! It’s one thing to be obsessed with kissing Donnie’s fat ass every time it’s presented for inspection, but when you’re so desperate for ratings that you’re parking a camera outside the home of the next president, you need to take a vacation and seek professional help. Maybe you and the Donald can get a two-for-one discount.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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