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Sean Hannity Confides To Fox News Staffers That He Believes Trump Is ‘Batsh*t Crazy’: Report

Ever since he announced he would be running for president, Fox News has been an eager cheerleader for Donald Trump, devoting hours of fawning coverage to the former real estate mogul and serving as his favorite network for spreading his hatred, lies, and conspiracy theories.

Lately, however, the bloom is off Fox as far as Trump concerned, with him regularly taking cheap shots at the network such as this:

And now it looks like Fox has also had quite enough of the Donald, according to a revealing article from Vanity Fair, which notes that even host Sean Hannity believes Trump has lost what was left of his addled mind:

“Hannity chose this life, so no one felt sorry for him, but the stress took its toll. ‘Hannity would tell you, off-off-off the record, that Trump is a batshit crazy person,’ one of his associates said. Another friend concurred: ‘Hannity has said to me more than once, ‘he’s crazy.’

“But Hannity’s commitment to GOP priorities and to his own business model meant he could never say any of this publicly. If one of his friends went on the record quoting Hannity questioning Trump’s mental fitness, that would be the end of the friendship.”

Other staffers at Fox also feel like they’re trapped in what one calls a “cult” that revolves around Trump each and every day:

“‘I feel like Fox is being held hostage by its audience,’ a veteran staffer said. ‘The audience has been RADICALIZED,’ a longtime commentator texted me, in all caps, as he scrolled through his Twitter feed after a live shot on the daytime show America’s Newsroom. The amount of vitriol shocked him. Any break from Trump was penalized.”

What has happened is exactly what Hannity and others who jumped on the Trump train should have expected: Donald Trump uses people, then he turns on them and attacks. He has no loyalty to anyone but himself, and his own insecurity makes him suspicious of everyone, no matter what they’ve done for him in the past.

Trump has also used the people who voted for him four years ago. And yet millions of them continue to support him! If that isn’t proof that Trumplandia is a cult of personality where the Great Leader is insane but still revered, then what does?

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

One reply on “Sean Hannity Confides To Fox News Staffers That He Believes Trump Is ‘Batsh*t Crazy’: Report”

Having subjected myself to the fox interview by phone to the clown trump. I was appalled at the content.. It even had a dose of sarah huckerby as for Lauria Inglis and her interview with Donnie the jnr clown it was so hard to watch I instead laughed through one of the worst visions of Fox and felt Horrified to think this is what Americans still watch…. It was truly a disgrace and as for the phone conference with the Hamsters cobber trump. I am gobsmacked again at the level of the sublime to the absolute ridiculos Donny the jnr clown needs help fast. Find him a therapist he is loosing it… Might be because of his involvement with the theft of all those donations even having him and his house keepers names for all the donations for the trump event. Wow wake up fast republicans this sounds like a nightmare.

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