Sarah Palin’s Idiotic Response To The Brexit Vote Is So Palin That It’ll Make Your Brain Hurt

The Brexit vote, in which British citizens voted to leave the European Union, is roiling financial markets around the world today. It could wind up throwing the British economy into a prolonged recession and also destabilizing all of Europe, which could lead to regional unrest and even war.

But to hear Sarah Palin tell it, this is a great day, and it’s time for the United States to follow suit. Yeah, because we want to destroy our country by electing her BFF, Donald Trump.

“The UK knew – it was that time. And now is that time in the USA.

“The Brexit referendum is akin to our own Declaration of Independence. May that refreshed spirit of sovereignty spread over the pond to America’s shores!

“Congratulations, smart Brits. Good on you for ignoring all the fear mongering from special interest globalists who tend to aim for that apocalyptic One World Government that dissolves a nation’s self-determination and sovereignty… the EU being a One World Government mini-me.

“America can learn an encouraging lesson from this.

“It is time to dissolve political bands that connect us to agendas not in our best interest. May UN shackles be next on the chopping block.”

As you can tell, Palin’s limited grasp of American history is almost as monumental as the blank space between her ears.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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