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Russian State TV Host Is Furious That The DOJ May Put ‘Our Trump’ In Prison For His Crimes

In the clearest sign yet that Russia is indeed ready and willing to play whatever role it can in upcoming U.S. elections, a Russian state TV host is now bemoaning the fact that “our Trump” may wind up going to prison for his role in trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Julia Davis of The Daily Beast ran across video of Russian host Evegny Popov telling viewers:

“The Department of Justice opened a criminal case against our own Donald Trump! They’re investigating Trump’s actions before the storming of the Capitol last January and his attempts to nullify the outcome of a fake, unfair, falsified U.S. presidential election.”

Fake, unfair, and falsified, huh? Sounds almost word for word like the sort of thing Donald himself has been saying since it became clear he got curb stomped by President Joe Biden two years ago.

Popov also claimed that any prosecution of Trump would be purely political:

“They’re trying to pull it off by the midterms in order to put Trump behind bars by November. Otherwise, the Democrats have no chance of winning. So the Democrats have decided to eliminate their biggest competitor — our Trump.”

While he was at it, Popov also suggested that Democrats only care about “perverts, the sexual education of children and protections of the transgenders.”

While the Russians may be hell-bent on trying to keep Trump out of prison so they can help him get a second term in office, the country currently has its hands full in Ukraine. Its economy has also collapsed as a result of crippling international sanctions, leading to suggestions that Russian President Vladimir Putin may not be in power for much longer.

Here’s a thought: If the Russians love Donnie so much, why don’t the invite him for a visit and never let him leave? Most Americans would be just fine with that arrangement.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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