Rudy’s Twofer Tuesday: Appears To Commit Perjury And Gets Suspended From the Bar

It’s been a busy day for Rudy Giuliani, who serves as personal attorney to President Donald Trump and appears to be the lead attorney on the lawsuits being filed in regard to the 2020 election, which Trump and his supporters claim was stolen from them even though they’ve yet to provide a scintilla of evidence to back up that specious allegation.

So, Rudy rushed the rescue, agreeing to be the attorney-of-record for an appeal before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, NBC News reports:

“Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday joined a court hearing over President Donald Trump’s effort to contest the election results in Pennsylvania, baselessly alleging ‘widespread national voter fraud’ while signaling yet another strategy pivot for the campaign’s legal offensive.

“Giuliani argued broadly against mail-in voting, which he called ‘dangerous,’ and said that the Trump campaign would be filing at least four more lawsuits across the country in the coming days.”

However, the high court in the Keystone State ruled against Trump, CNN notes:

“The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled 5-2 that a Trump campaign ballot processing observer in Philadelphia had no right to stand any particular distance away from election workers, and it’s up to counties to decide where poll watchers can stand.”

So Rudy lost. But that’s the least of his problems, because it appears he committed perjury in a court filing and has been suspended from the District of Columbia bar because he was too damn cheap to pay his membership dues.

White House reporter Andrew Feinberg revealed Rudy’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day:

Oops! Rudy could be in very big trouble, because lying before the court is a serious problem that could get him permanently disbarred.

It figures that the biggest failure to ever serve as president would hire a complete buffoon to represent him in a legal proceeding, and today they both got laughed out of court.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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