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Rudy’s Latest Election Conspiracy Theory: Vote Counters Were ‘Passing Out Dope’

It didn’t seem possible for Rudy Giuliani to get crazier and more absurd, but it would appear that contracting COVID-19 fried what remained of Rudy’s brain, which was already operating at reduced capacity.

Having been released from the hospital on Thursday morning, Giuliani gladly joined a hearing being conducted in Georgia by Republicans from the state legislature via Zoom videoconference, commenting on a video of vote counting in the Peach State that has already been debunked:

“Look at that woman, look at her taking those ballots out, look at them scurrying around with the ballots, nobody in the room, hiding around, they look like they’re passing out dope not just ballots. It’s quite clear they’re stealing votes.”

That very same “passing out dope” video has been addressed by Gabriel Sterling, who is Georgia’s voting system implementation manager:

However, as we’ve learned over the past four years, Republicans don’t like facts or evidence. Such things make sparks fly from their tinfoil hats.

Nonetheless, Rudy continued with his maniacal rambling, according to The Daily Beast:

“The tape “proves that anyone who says that fraud is debunked… is just plain blind or lying,’ an excited Giuliani said. ‘You have, live from Atlanta, you’ve got voter fraud right in front of people’s eyes. Blatant, clear, obvious, you’d have to be a fool to ignore it.'”

Minutes later, Rudy made yet another drug reference, which suggests he might need to check himself into the Betty Ford Center once his coronavirus has fully abated:

“He then said two Georgia election officials caught handing USB ports to each other were passing them around ‘like vials of heroin.'”

In case you’re wondering what’s going on here other than a blatant attempt to subvert the will of voters and steal an election, something. Giuliani got caught saying on a hot mic during the hearing makes it crystal clear:

“We should try to get this on Newsmax and OANN.”

Rudy and his boss, the soon-to-be former President Donald Trump, are just working their latest grift. And if they happen to touch off a few acts of domestic terrorism along the way, so much the better for them. After all, they can always peddle the video to Newsmax or OANN.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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