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Robert Mueller’s Latest Move Suggests Mike Pence Is Also Under Investigation (DETAILS)

Washington was abuzz with chatter this week as a report in the the Wall Street Journal revealed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury as part of his ongoing investigation into the Russia matter.

But on Friday, a new revelation in the Russia probe seemed to suggest that not only is Mueller looking into President Trump’s possible role in alleged collusion with Russian agents, but also Vice President Mike Pence.

The New York Times broke the story that Mueller has now requested any documents the White House has on disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who is seen by many as the key to the entire Russia investigation.

How does this impact Pence? Pence was the head of the Trump transition team, meaning he and his staff were responsible for vetting all members of the incoming administration. Pence has adamantly maintained he had no idea Flynn had been working as a foreign agent for both Russia and Turkey when Pence cleared him to be the point man on national security. If Pence did know and still allowed for Flynn to be given access to top-secret information, then it would appear the Veep is part of a larger conspiracy.

There are some–including Pence–who will argue that the VP couldn’t have possibly know Flynn was compromised by the large sums of money he had accepted from two foreign governments, one of which is an adversary of the United States. They argue that the information never came out in their vetting of Flynn. Should that prove to be true, what does that say about Pence as a manager and judge of character?

It has long been suspected that President Trump will be placed under the scrutiny of the special counsel and his team. But now we may have the first stirrings which suggest Pence is also being looked at, if only because of his connection to Flynn.

Long story short: Congress could be facing the prospect of impeaching both Trump and Pence. Time will tell.

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By Andrew Bradford

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