Rob Reiner: The Trump Campaign Is ‘The Last Throes Of The Civil War’ (VIDEO)

This morning on MSNBC, actor and director Rob Reiner made a very important comment that we should all seriously take into consideration. Reiner said the candidacy of Donald Trump is much the same as the final days of the Confederacy in the Civil War, when the South tried to retain their vision of white nationalism.

Reiner was a guest on AMJoy, and he told the host:

“I believe that what we’ve done, what we’ve seen, is the last throes of the Civil War. We’re fighting the last battles, and Donald Trump is leading the way for white nationalism. And it’s sad because people are hanging on to this idea of a white America, immigrant-free America. It’s scary and sad, but I believe we will win it.”

Joy Reid then asked Reiner what would be the “worst-case scenario” if Trump happened to become President. To that, Reiner replied:

“The worst case scenario is the Supreme Court. People don’t talk about it all that much because it’s not a sexy issue. But the fact of the matter is, if he has one, two, three appointments, that could change the direction of this country in a scary way for thirty, forty years. And we’re talking about civil rights, voting rights. We’re talking about women’s rights, all of these things could be affected by the Supreme Court in a profound way.

“As far as the economy is concerned, what makes you think he’s going to be able to handle the economy? He’s been a complete and utter failure as a businessman.”

I was already a huge Rob Reiner fan, but now I’m even more of one. This man is telling progressives and liberals something they need to hear: Go vote in November. The very survival of this nation is at stake.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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