Domestic Terrorism WTF?!

Right-Wing Lawyer Calls For War On ‘Blue State Liberals’ In Violent Online Manifesto

You’ve probably never heard of Kurt Schlichter, in part because he’s mostly insignificant and unknown outside of the extreme right-wing echo chamber he’s a part of.

Schlichter calls himself a “successful trial lawyer,” but he also writes for the right-wing website, which features headlines calling Vice President Kamala Harris “b****y” and titles like this: “This Is 1938: First, They Came for the Unvaccinated.”

According to Schlichter, the time has come for war between the right and the left in the United States, and he was kind enough to spell out his evil thoughts in a Twitter screed/manifesto that should get him banned from the social media platform, but probably won’t. (Feel free to report him to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey; I did.)

Schlichter begins with a declaration of war:

Evangelical Marxists? I could have sworn I was just a liberal Democrat, but apparently I’m a Marxist who wants to convert others by using Das Kapital as my Bible.

But Schlichter is just getting warmed up. He continues and gets more deranged with each post:

Rather than using logic and facts, Schlichter concludes his little manifesto with a third-grade denouement:

Oh wow! “They” started it. We started it by daring to be open-minded, educated, and accepting of others with one exception: We refuse to tolerate the intolerant assholes who populate the Party of Trump and think the United States should be a white homeland of white, Anglo-Saxon Christians. The American Fourth Reich is what Schlichter and his ilk want to see take place here in the United States.

Sorry, Kurt, but you can fuck right off. If you want to declare war on the majority of Americans, we’re going to stand up and make sure you know that you’re outnumbered.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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