Republican Warns Fellow Party Members About Trump: ‘You’ve Got To Cut Him Loose’ (VIDEO)

Seems some Republicans saw this week’s Democratic convention and are now terrified of how badly they are going to lose in November. One of those is former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough, who is now the co-host of the MSNBC show “Morning Joe.” And he had a dire warning for his fellow Republicans this morning:

“The center cannot hold when you have the Speaker of the House calling the Republican nominee a racist, but saying he’s still endorsing. When you have the most powerful Republican in government, the Speaker of the House, saying ‘What he said is racist’; when you have the most powerful Republican in government, the Speaker of the House, condemning Donald Trump for his laudatory, his continued laudatory remarks on Vladimir Putin… Thank you Republican leaders in Washington, that’s who you’re endorsing.”

Scarborough added that he understood the political danger of attempting to unendorse the GOP nominee, but he said Republicans can simply acknowledge that Trump is totally unfit for office:

“You’ve got to cut him loose!”

The question–and the dilemma–is this for Republicans: Do any of them have the courage and statesmanship it takes to withdraw their support for the Orange Menace, or are they too afraid of the consequences to their own careers should they do so?

Donald Trump could well be the end of the Republican Party as we know it, and while that may sound good when you first hear it, keep in mind the demise of the GOP could lead to the creation of a far-right ultranationalist party as a replacement. Then we would find ourselves in the same position as many European nations, with a neo-fascist party rising in our country and constantly threatening to take away the freedoms we all cherish.

Republicans do indeed need to cut Donald Trump loose and take their lumps on Election Day. Otherwise they are just as much a part of this problem–this disease–as Trump himself.

Here’s Joe Scarborough earlier this morning:

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By Andrew Bradford

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