Report: Trump Team DID Vet Flynn, Found Dirt, Hired Him Anyway (VIDEO)

For months now, the Trump administration has maintained they had no idea disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had accepted payments from a foreign government. The head of the transition, Vice President Mike Pence, said he first found out Flynn had taken money from the government of Turkey on the day Flynn resigned his post.

But a new report from NBC News reveals the claims from Trump, Pence, and others, are yet another lie the administration has told about the growing Trump-Russia scandal.

On Friday’s edition of The Rachel Maddow Show, the host reported:

“NBC News has learned from sources close to the Trump-Russia investigation that both the Trump transition and the White House did do a background check on Flynn.

“This is in addition to his already approved security clearance. They did a background check on Flynn specifically for him to become national security adviser.”

If this information from longtime correspondent Andrea Mitchell is true, how in the world can the Trump team continue to maintain that they didn’t know Flynn had been working as a foreign agent when he was named to the highest national security post in the United States government?

Maddow also noted that Flynn’s ties to Turkey had to be known to Pence, as the information would have shown up as part of an FBI vetting process (had that process been followed) and the information had been reported on numerous occasions via open source documents:

“One person involved tells NBC that the Trump transition was aware of Flynn’s business ties to Turkey.”

This week, the Trump administration has attempted to place the blame for Flynn being given a classified intelligence clearance on the Obama White House, where Flynn worked as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency before being fired from that post. But Jen Psaki, who worked in the Obama administration, commented:

“The responsibility in vetting [Flynn] belongs on the incoming administration. Clearly that wasn’t done. So this is kind of an absurd blame game here.”

Hearings on the Trump-Russia connection will begin again on May 8 when the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee will hear testimony from former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates and James Clapper, former director of national intelligence under President Obama.

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By Andrew Bradford

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