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Rep. Steve King Gets Trolled HARD After Whining That Obamacare Has ‘Taken Over’ His Body (TWEETS)

Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King is known for never missing an opportunity to stick his foot firmly in his mouth, no matter what subject he might be discussing.

Tuesday morning on CNN, King was talking about the repeal of Obamacare, and he said the only way to make healthcare work again was to eliminate the Affordable Care Act completely, adding:

“You know the central thing for me on this. The federal government has taken over the management of our health, our skin and everything inside it. Free people, the recipients of God-given liberty — and that is a foundation for American vigor — have had our health taken over the federal government.

“That steps on American liberty. And it just diminishes the vitality of our country. I want people to have their own responsibilities.”

Women on social media couldn’t help but notice the irony of King’s remarks, not to mention his blatant hypocrisy in light of the fact that Republicans dearly love to try and tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies:

King also had the nerve to whine that his insurance under the ACA had been canceled on December 31, 2016:

“And I had roughly 90 days to find a new policy. My choices were one. That’s not free enterprise. That’s not competition.”

But what he neglected to disclose is that he’s able to get good insurance via the Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan, which guarantees he will have the best policy available and we as taxpayers get to foot the bill for it.

King is also 67 years old, which means he’s also eligible to apply for Medicare, which the vast majority of senior citizens love.

Sounds like Congressman King should be less worried about someone taking over his body and work on controlling the lies that flow so freely from his big mouth.

Here’s Congressman King being a whiny little weasel:

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By Andrew Bradford

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