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Rand Paul: I Won’t Help Ukraine Until Funds For ‘Sexually Promiscuous’ Quails Are Cut From The Budget

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R) continues to hold up a $40 billion aid package to our Ukrainian allies because he claims the federal budget already contains too much waste.

According to Mediaite, Paul suggested on that birds high on cocaine were his biggest concern:

“If the defense of Ukraine is really in our national security interests, shouldn’t the gift come from our military budget?” Paul asked. “What about cutting wasteful spending? My office cataloged over $50 billion in waste.”

Paul referenced several unusual spending items, including money to fund studies on selfies, Panamanian frogs, and sneezing in cafeterias. Then came the crème de la crème.

“Couldn’t we maybe cut the money spent on Japanese quail studying whether or not they’re more sexually promiscuous or not when you give them cocaine?” he asked.

And this isn’t the first time Sen. Paul has brought up cokehead quails as a reason to not fund necessary priorities like U.S. national security. He did the same thing in 2018, the Washington Post reports:

You can look up data on NIH grants. This particular research was called “Enhancement of Sexual Motivation” and it did, in fact, receive $873,503 from the agency over the course of its progress. But that funding ended more than five years ago. It ended before Paul raised it in 2018.”

Here’s the video of Paul’s 2018 coke-quail rant:

It should also be noted that the study cited by Paul actually has practical applications in humans, as Scientific American has explained:

“There is already an extensive literature on drugs like cocaine, how it impacts various behaviors and how it acts in, and changes, the brains. But we don’t know everything by any means, and we certainly don’t know enough about mechanism to treat cocaine addiction effectively. Studies to understand how cocaine impacts every behavior are important to our understanding of the drug and how we can combat its effects.”

Supposedly, Rand Paul is a doctor. But he sounds more like a coke-addled strutting rooster. Then again, at least a rooster serves some purpose, unlike the junior senator from the Blue Grass State.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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