Rachel Maddow: Mike Pence Is Up To His Neck In The Russian Collusion Scandal, Too (VIDEO)

Here’s the lingering question Rachel Maddow wants an answer for: How could Vice President Mike Pence not have known that former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn was lying when he said he’d never had any contact with foreign governments?

Let’s backtrack for a moment. When he was interviewed by Bret Bair of Fox News on March 9, Pence said he had no idea Flynn had been a lobbyist for Turkey, assuring Baier:

“[H]earing that story — today is the first [he’s] hearing of it.”

It should be noted that Baier asked the question twice, just to be perfectly certain Pence understood him.

But as Maddow pointed out on her show Thursday evening:

“That cannot be true.”

Keep in mind that Pence was head of the Trump transition team after Chris Christie was tossed overboard by Trump. As such, it would have been his job to vet Flynn, and had he done so, he would have discovered the Turkey connection, Maddow rightly noted:

“As leader of the transition, he was notified in writing by members of Congress about Flynn’s apparent financial ties to the government of Turkey. The transition was also apparently notified twice by Flynn’s own lawyers about his financial relationship with the government of Turkey, but nevertheless, Vice President Mike Pence says he has no idea about any of that.”

So either Pence is completely incompetent, or he chose to only consider information that made Flynn look good, perhaps at the behest of Trump.

The truth is that Pence was notified on several occasions that Flynn could be a security risk due to his ties with foreign states, including Russia and Turkey, but he was still named to one of the highest positions in the White House. That does not speak well of Pence, and Maddow concluded the segment with this:

“Mike Pence’s role in the Mike Flynn scandal is flashing like a red beacon for anyone who sees him as the normal Republican in this setting.”

Starting to look like the coming impeachment may have to be a twofer.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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This President, Pence, Tillerson and etc. are all corrupt and good liars! How much more do we have to digest before they’re all gone! Trump hates O’Bama because he’s black and he has a great dislike for blacks given to him by his father! Every day he signs bills that are destroying the people, companies, etc. United States! Who is responsible for letting him stay on as President?

K. Hall you are totally correct! Trump is so far up Putin’s behind he can’t smell the coffee for the shit that comes out his mouth!

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