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QAnon Faithful Furious That Biden Is Flying On Air Force One – They Thought Trump Was Still Using It

These are tough times for those who have pledged their eternal devotion to the failed 45th president, Donald Trump, and the stress of him no longer being allowed on Twitter or making regular appearances on the nightly news has some of the more devoted Trump believing things even more irrational than the usual QAnon bullshit or whatever Alex Jones is trying to pound into the heads of gullible MAGA morons across the United States.

So you can imagine how dismayed the QAnon MAGAts were when they noticed that all of a sudden Joe Biden was flying on Air Force One. Apparently, they thought Trump was still using it because (wink wink) he’s still really the president and is just allowing Biden to have some time in the limelight before the Donald makes his BIG comeback and is again inaugurated on March 4, Newsweek reports:

“The theory around March 4 has been bubbling since January, as QAnon found new ways to suggest ‘the plan’ is still in place—despite Trump no longer being president—and that supporters just need to keep faith.”

And that ties in perfectly with the Air Force One conspiracy theory that is now being circulated among Trump acolytes, according to NBC News, with reporter Ben Collins noting on MSNBC Wednesday:

“You know, they hold on to these little nuggets, they hope in the future there are — they believe right now there are two presidents and this will all get sorted out on March 4th. But they lose hope along the way. For example, last night when Joe Biden boarded Air Force One, the real one, for the first time, that was a blow. They felt betrayed by this. They thought that Air Force One was still being used by President Trump in secret.”

Collins then went on to add that the madness among the QAnon crowd is growing even more feverish than usual, which must have law enforcement worried:

“The worry with QAnon is lone wolves who take this too seriously. We have seen lone wolves for 2 1/2 years now, we’ve seen real criminal acts, murders. While I don’t expect some massive outpouring on March 4th, we have to be on the lookout for desperate QAnon believers in the future.”

Think about it: These people cannot understand that Trump lost the election, and now they’ve realized that Biden is flying on Air Force One because he’s (gasp) the president after all! Oh no! Their delusions have all be upended, and even though March 4 is just around the corner, how will Trump ever get the presidential plane back?! What is to be done?!

What is to be done? Nothing. Because no amount of logic or factual information brings these dolts back to reality where the rest us live.

The QAnons are a lost cause. Maybe we should find a deserted island and drop them off there. Then they could slowly turn on each other and rid us of their brand of stupid forever.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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