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QAnon Faithful Cry Bitter Tears As Biden Is Inaugurated: ‘I’m The Laughingstock Of My Family’

While the majority of Americans are celebrating the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris today, some of the most hardcore supporters of Donald Trump are realizing that their “God emperor” is not all powerful and is instead gone, relegated to the dustbin of American history.

Among those taking today the hardest are the QAnon faithful, who were convinced Trump was going to expose a Satanic cult of pedophile cannibals who were responsible for maintaining the “deep state” and control of the world’s governments.

Yes, the QAnon cult is in full dudgeon as they watch Biden and Harris take the oaths of office and it finally dawns on them that their perverse view of the world is nothing more than so much fetid dreck, Vice News reports:

“As new President Joseph R. Biden took his oath of office, his hand atop a massive family Bible, confusion, anger, and grief washed over some of the worst corners of the Internet. Refugees from the QAnon conspiracy subreddit, now huddled together on a new website, took turns assuring each other that everything they were seeing was all part of the unfolding of the grand Plan they’d spent years breathlessly awaiting. ‘I HAVE ZERO DOUBTS,’ one wrote. But others weren’t so sure. ‘WTF?,’ another wrote. ‘He’s being sworn in now.'”

How horrible and unsettling it must be to see your alternate reality come crashing down around you as your twisted worldview is ripped to a million pieces. Then again, most of these people have no one to blame but themselves for clinging to a lie (and a president) who fed them with bitter dross masquerading as inside information.

Even more troubling is that for weeks now, the Q cult has been ramping up the noise across the internet, reassuring fellow believers that Biden would never take office and Trump would have Democrats arrested en masse:

“On one website for Trump fans banished from Reddit,, many users had assured one another that not only would Biden never take office, but that Trump, naturally, would never leave it. Instead, they claimed to each other—in a refrain that was once ironic and seemed less so all the time—that he would ascend to the role of ‘God Emperor.’ On the morning of January 20, QAnon fans urged each other to ‘Enjoy the show,’ dotting their posts with popcorn emojis, meant to symbolize all of them sitting back and watching Armageddon rain down on the Satanic cabal they’d been led to believe rules the world.”

But it didn’t happen. It was all just an illusion. And while illusions may be great for David Copperfield or David Blaine, they’re hard to let go of when you base your entire worldview on them.

Despondency and depression are setting in among the QAnon faithful, and internet sites are filled with messages of a new pathway for the gullible:

“At least one group, the Proud Boys, has seized upon the void Trump’s departure has left in his followers’ lives. On one of their official channels on Telegram they tell Trump fans ‘here is hope. Not for Trump to become president, but there is hope for our future. Abandon the GOP. Embrace the ultranationalist 3rd position.'”

Hey, the lemmings bought the other bullshit, so they’ll probably lap up version 2.0.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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