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Prosecutors Closing In On Roger Stone For His Role In January 6 Attack On The Capitol

Though he usually prefers to remain behind the scenes and in the shadows when it comes to stirring up trouble, Roger Stone — who has been a friend and adviser to former President Donald Trump for decades — appears to have implicated himself in the violent January 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol which killed five people, including a police officer.

ABC News reports that a video has surfaced showing Stone flanked by members of the Oath Keepers, a right-wing militia group, on the morning of the riots:

“A new video has surfaced showing former President Donald Trump’s longtime adviser Roger Stone in Washington, D.C., on the morning of Jan. 6, flanked by members of the Oath Keepers militia group just hours before the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol building.

“In the video, which was obtained and reviewed by ABC News, Stone takes pictures and mingles with supporters outside a D.C. hotel as Oath Keepers hover around him, one wearing a baseball hat and military-style vest branded with the militia group’s logo.”


According to Seth Abramson of Newsweek, this new evidence has federal prosecutors considering charging Stone with a variety of crimes:

“So Stone’s Proud Boy friends are being arrested, and they’re being arrested for doing the same thing Stone did. But there’s more: prosecutors are now training their sights on the specific events that Stone appeared at in early January, including the January 5 Stop the Steal/Rally to Save America and the January 5 American Phoenix Project (APP) rally in front of the Supreme Court. Stone spoke at both rallies, and, as has been analyzed previously at Proof, clearly incited insurrection at the former.”

Members of the Oath Keepers have been charged with conspiracy for their role in the storming of the Capitol, and that’s very bad news for Stone, who is alleged to have raised money that was later used to help fund the riots:

“News-watchers’ assumption had long been that Stone’s public campaign to raise funds for insurrectionists’ “protective equipment” was focused on the Proud Boys—but it now seems Stone may have spread his largesse around, including to the Oath Keepers.”

In case you’re wondering, for the charge of conspiracy to commit sedition, the federal criminal guidelines call for up to 20 years in prison, meaning the 68-year-old Stone would likely die in federal custody. Sounds about right for a traitor like him.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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