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Pervy Sean Hannity Says Trump Can Win Next Debate By Talking About Clinton’s…Underwear?! (AUDIO)

If indeed Fox News host Sean Hannity is serving as an unofficial advisor to the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign, what Hannity said yesterday on his radio show might just make Trump reconsider accepting any kind of advice from him.

Hannity is of the opinion that Trump doesn’t have to win any of the three debates in order to win the election:

“I actually have come to a different conclusion as it relates to debates. Hear me out on this. I don’t think Trump has to win the debates.”

Instead, Hannity suggested the GOP nominee merely prove that Clinton is a robot and pre-programmed to say certain things. Hannity did a pathetic impression of Hillary and said:

“I want to tell you about Donald Trump. Donald Trump hates women. Donald Trump had Trump University. Donald Trump does not have the temperament to be president. Donald Trump 20 years ago did this. Donald Trump 24 years ago did that.”

But then the ass-kissing Hannity slipped into bizarro world and proclaimed:

“She can’t talk about the economy. She can’t talk about the statistics I give you every day. She can’t talk about Benghazi — 600 denied requests before, not sending held during, lying after. She can’t talk about this ridiculous Iranian deal. She can’t — she can talk about Trump’s taxes all she wants, all Trump has to do is turn to her and say ‘why did you deduct your old underwear?’”

What?! Where in the hell did that come from, Sean? Trump doesn’t already have enough of a gender gap with female voters, so now he’s supposed to talk about his opponent’s underwear? Yeah, that’ll really help his poll numbers.

Hannity concluded the segment with this:

“I think that would be impactful. At that point, it’s checkmate. She’s trying to do everything she can do to pay less, who is she to lecture him, and all he’s doing is following the rules and the laws that people like her, lifetime politicians, set up. And she used it herself. So ridiculous.”

So now we know that not only is Sean Hannity a total moron and clueless dillhole, he’s also a major perv. No wonder he and Trump are such good buddies.

Here’s the audio from Hannity’s Thursday radio broadcast:

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