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Pence ‘Balking’ At The Idea Of Pardoning Trump

For four years, Mike Pence has been a loyal vice president, willing to do and say anything necessary to make Donald Trump look “presidential” and not quite so insane.

But it appears that Pence may have reached the limits of his obedience, as he’s reportedly not willing to pardon Trump if the president resigns in the final days of his term in office and is then pardoned by his dutiful associate, who would temporarily be head of state.

All of this comes about because many legal experts say that a president cannot pardon himself. Since Trump desperately needs to be shielded from his many federal crimes, his only hope is to resign a day or two before he leaves office and get Pence to pardon him.

But according to noted author Don Winslow, Pence is not interested in giving his boss a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, and wait until you hear the reason why:

Pence is right about one thing: If he agrees to affix his signature to pardons for Trump or any of the Trump family, he can kiss what remains of his political future goodbye. And considering that the VP isn’t exactly the most bankable commodity when it comes to the world of politics, agreeing to cover over Trump’s crimes would likely destroy Pence completely, making him so radioactive that no one would even want to be within a mile of him.

Winslow is honest enough to admit that Pence’s recalcitrance on the pardon issue “could change,” but if it does, the Veep can go ahead and add his name next to that of Gerald Ford in the Kiss Ass Hall of Infamy.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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