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Pelosi Puts McCarthy And McConnell On Notice: There WILL Be A Full 1/6 Investigation

Even though the House of Representatives passed a bill creating a bipartisan commission to investigate what transpired on January 6, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol, Senate Republicans decided to filibuster passage of the legislation, meaning the bill will never even reach the floor of the upper chamber.

Despite that, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made it clear that there is going to be full investigation of the insurrection which took place on 1/6, telling reporters that it took a while to get a commission set up to look at the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001:

” I know that because I had the first bill and we lost on the floor. We were in the minority at the time. And then Tim Roemer had the amendment to the intelligence bill, with the help of the families, and that’s how we got the bill passed and then to the president’s desk, but it took time. This has been really on an accelerated pace, even though why don’t we have it? Well, it’s in the works, and it takes time to negotiate.”

Pelosi then added she’s optimistic details can be worked out for a commission similar to the one for 9/11, but didn’t rule out setting one up without the cooperation of Republicans:

“In the meantime though, in 2011 — I mean, excuse me. 2001 and 2002, leading up to that, we had a joint committee in the House and Senate, bipartisan committee which I was a co-chair, as the top Democrat of the intelligence committee, Bob Graham was the chairman of the intelligence committee in the Senate. So he and Shelby in the House. And we had, months of hearings and the rest, and the work produced by that committee was very helpful to the 9/11 commission and to the legislation establishing it said it should take advantage of all of those things, as we would hope that this commission would take advantage of some of the other oversight committees’ work. So let’s just hope that we can have the clarity of a bipartisan commission with high-level national leaders on it.”

There is going to be a 1/6 commission. If Republicans choose not to be a part of it, that’s their problem. But the American people have a right to know what happened on that fateful day earlier this year. And if an investigation proves members of the GOP played a role, they need to be booted from Congress and criminally charged.

Let justice be done though the heavens may fall!


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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