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Payback! CNN Turns Down Offer For Kellyanne Conway To Appear On ‘State Of The Union’

Looks like the spat between the White House and CNN has heated up again, and this time it’s CNN letting the administration know they too can play hardball.

On Friday, it was announced that Mike Pence would be appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press, ABC’s This Week, CBS’s Face the Nation, and Fox News Sunday. But the administration made it clear that no interview would be granted to CNN’s Sunday program, State of the Union.

Later Friday, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway was finally offered to CNN for State of the Union, but the network refused to allow Conway to appear, ratcheting up the pressure on the administration for their continued slights of CNN, which began when Trump himself called CNN reporter Jim Acosta “fake news.”

The Trump team also informed CNN this week that it would send spokespeople to appear on the cable news channel, saying they would be:

“Sending surrogates to places where we think it makes sense to promote our agenda.”

Since that announcement, Conway has created another controversy with her remarks on MSNBC about a non-existent terror attack she dubbed “the Bowling Green Massacre.”

Conway has also told NBC’s Chuck Todd that when press secretary Sean Spicer blatantly lied about crowd size at Trump’s inauguration, he was merely providing “alternative facts.” Which is another way of saying that Spicer was lying through his clenched teeth.

CNN played their cards perfectly. It would be refreshing if more news outlets would refuse to accept the lying shills the White House wants to try and plant on their shows. How would Trump survive if he wasn’t the topic of conversation for 48 hours? He’d probably go into withdrawal and have to be rushed to Walter Reed Medical Center.

Besides, Trump will be getting non-stop coverage just as soon as his impeachment begins. And that will be well worth watching.

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By Andrew Bradford

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