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PATHETIC! Jared Kushner Whines To Time Warner Exec About CNN’s Coverage Of Trump

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is not a fan of CNN. Despite him calling the network “fake news” and refusing to appear on their air, he still seems obsessed with CNN, constantly mentioning them in his tweets and complaining about their coverage of him. Which begs the question: If he hates them so damn much, why does he bother to watch?

Now we learn that Trump has enlisted the help of his family–son-in-law Jared Kushner–to apply leverage to CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, in what must have been one hell of a whinefest.

On Thursday, Kushner approached Gary Ginsberg, Time Warner’s executive vice president of corporate marketing and communications, about his concerns regarding what he saw as “unfair coverage slanted against the President,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Journal also reports that one of the CNN commentators Kushner brought up by name in his meeting with Ginsberg was Ana Navarro, a longtime GOP consultant who has been critical of Trump since he first announced his bid for the White House. When Navarro learned of Kushner’s complains, she wasted no time ripping him apart on Twitter:

It’s notable to point out that Trump has been critical of every network except one: Fox News, the official propaganda organ of the Republican Party. Recently, the alleged president lauded the Fox morning show, Fox and Friends:

“I watched this morning a couple of the networks. And I have to say, Fox & Friends in the morning, they’re very honorable people. They’re very — not because they’re good, because they hit me also when I do something wrong. But they have the most honest morning show. That’s all I can say. It’s the most honest.”

For such a tough businessman and great negotiator, Donald Trump sure sounds like a whiny little man-child who has the thinnest skin on the planet, doesn’t it? And now he’s got his son-in-law trying to exert influence on his behalf simply because he thinks CNN is too tough on him.

Hey, Donnie and Jared, some free advice: Stop watching CNN, you pathetic little twits!

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By Andrew Bradford

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