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Pants On Fire: Trump Lied About Money Raised For Vets, Made No Donation

In yet another example of Donald Trump’s numerous lies being exposed, it turns out the amount money Trump said he raised for veterans groups was inflated by about $1.5 million.

Additionally, it turns out that Trump’s foundation has only paid out $3 million of the funds raised for veterans. So if the Trump campaign raised $4.5 million and has paid out $3 million, what has become of the other $1.5 million in contributions? Or, once again, is Trump lying about the $4.5 million figure? The man lies so much he cannot manage to keep track of all his falsehoods.

And now Trump is being put in the spotlight by groups which monitor charities. Sandra Miniutti, the vice president for Charity Navigator, a service that rates charities, told CNN:

Miniutti said some fundraisers rightfully take time to distribute payments if the recipients have to be vetted, such as after public emergencies, but she said Trump’s campaign established a clear list of organizations to benefit.
“There is no hard rule for turn-around time, but because the fundraising was so public, I think it’s fair to question why the funds haven’t been paid out.”
Did Trump take money he said he was raising for veterans and pour millions of dollars into his own campaign coffers? Is he using this money to help finance his run for the White House?

The Washington Post dared to ask the Trump campaign for records related to the money raised for vets groups, and this is what happened:
“In recent weeks, Trump and his campaign repeatedly declined to give new details about how much they have given away.

“‘Why should I give you records?’ Trump said in an interview with The Post this month. ‘I don’t have to give you records.’

But that’s not all the Post managed to uncover. They even questioned campaign manager Corey Lewandowski about Trump’s claim that he personally donated one million dollars to veterans groups:

“In the past few days, The Post has interviewed 22 veterans charities that received donations as a result of Trump’s fundraiser. None of them have reported receiving personal donations from Trump.

“Did Trump make good on his promise to give from his personal funds?

“‘The money is fully spent. Mr. Trump’s money is fully spent,’ Lewandowski said.

“Who did Trump give to, and in what amounts?

“‘He’s not going to share that information,’ Lewandowski said.”

He most certainly isn’t, because like everything Donald Trump says, it’s all a big fat lie. This asshat lies so much, it leaves one wondering if his name is actually Donald J. Trump.

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By Andrew Bradford

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