Paid Liar Kellyanne Conway Blamed The Media Again, And Got BLASTED For It (VIDEO)

Instead of actually placing his extensive business holdings into a blind trust while he’s president, Donald Trump continues to insist that he is above the law and doesn’t have to do what every other president has done. And his designated spokespeople (i.e. paid liars) are getting in on the puffery parade, too.

On Meet the Press today, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said if Don the Con places his assets in a blind trust, that would “deny his adult children” a chance to run the company. That led host Chuck Todd to suggest it was time for Trump to “put the country ahead of himself.”

The always whiny Conway then dared to say:

“You know, Chuck, he has put the country ahead of everything else just [by] running and, indeed, winning and becoming president of the United States. I went and looked back at what all the press clips and conversations on shows like this were eight years ago, it was basically just debating on how cool Barack Obama is.

“So, we should at least — if we’re not going to do that about President-elect Trump — we should at the very least trust him to do the right thing.”

Todd was more than prepared for Conway, and he leveled her out with this:

“I understand every knee-jerk push back is going to be to blame the media. It’s a crutch. I get it and I’m used to it.”

Knowing she’d been caught trying to blame the media for all of Donald Trump’s personal and professional shortcomings and conflicts of interest, all Conway could manage to exclaim in response was:

“That’s not fair!”

Actually, it’s more than fair, Kellyanne; it’s totally true. When in doubt, you blame the media, but that isn’t gonna work much longer because it’s becoming obvious to an overwhelming majority of Americans that Donald Trump is a crook, a con, a liar, and only sought the office of president so he can enrich himself and his spoiled brat children.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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