Climate Change U.S. Senate WTF?!

Ron Johnson Proves His Complete Ignorance Of Geography In Disastrous NY Times Interview

Proving yet again that he’s an empty suit with an even emptier skull, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) is making national news as the result of a disastrous interview he gave to the New York Times, expounding on climate change (which he doesn’t understand) and even world geography (which he must have flunked in school).

Attempting to make a point about climate change, Johnson told the Times:

“You know, there’s a reason Greenland was called Greenland. It was actually green at one point in time. And it’s been, you know, since, it’s a whole lot whiter now so we’ve experienced climate change throughout geologic time.”

The Times quickly fact-checked the Wisconsin Republican, noting:

“In the interview on Thursday, Mr. Johnson was still misinformed about the etymology of Greenland, which got its name from the explorer Erik the Red’s attempt to lure settlers to the ice-covered island,” adding Johnson continued, ‘I could be wrong there, but that’s always been my assumption that, at some point in time, those early explorers saw green. I have no idea.'”

No idea? That’s an understatement. Even those who have worked with Johnson acknowledge that he’s a fool, with a former campaign worker pointing to what he called the senator’s “muscular ignorance” and a critic laughing about Johnson being a “gullible rube.”

Johnson is even being compared to an infamous Wisconsin senator who preceded him: Joe McCarthy:

“The drumbeat of distortions, false theories and lies reminds some Wisconsin Republicans of a figure from the state’s past who also rarely let facts get in the way of his agenda: Senator Joseph McCarthy, whose witch hunt for communists in and out of government in the 1950s ruined lives and bitterly divided the country.”

Hopefully Johnson will meet a similar fate as McCarthy and wind up a defeated, broken man.

Business Donald Trump

Former Trump Insider Explains The Illegal Way Donald Keeps His Employees Loyal

A former Trump Organization insider is detailing exactly how Donald Trump attempted to keep his employees loyal to him by using an illegal scheme that could wind up getting him charged with yet another crime.

Jennifer Weisselberg is the ex-wife of Barry Weisselberg, whose father, Allen Weisselberg, who just so happens to be the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, a man who is said to know “where all the bodies are buried” inside the former president’s company. And she explains exactly what the Donald did:

“Among the avenues of inquiry is a Central Park apartment where Jennifer said she and her former husband lived, rent-free, for several years. She said Trump offered the apartment as a wedding gift around the time the pair got married in 2004.

“’I wrote them a thank you note,’ said Jennifer Weisselberg, who lost custody of the couple’s two children but is still fighting her ex-husband in court.

“As Bloomberg News first reported, the property was in fact a corporate apartment owned by the Trump Organization, an arrangement that could have legal implications if it was not properly accounted for.

Jennifer Weisselberg said they only paid for utilities — about $400 a month. The apartment was sold in 2014 for $2.85 million, according to New York City housing records. The signature on the deed is: Donald J. Trump.”

Trump did such questionable things in an effort to make sure his employees remained loyal to only him:

“They control people by compensating you with homes and things. It’s not easy to walk away when they provide your home.”

Ms. Weisselberg is cooperating with the office of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., who is reportedly investigating Trump and his company for crimes ranging from bank and tax fraud to money laundering, and she explained why she decided to do so:

“I have no reason to be here except that I am not a woman who is willing to live a life of secrecy, out of fear, any longer.

“They will out resource me in the courts forever, and I have tried to be graceful, and I have tried to handle this privately. And they are not agreeing to do so at all. What choice do I have?”


Donald Trump Jr. Russia Social Media WTF?!

Junior Sides With Putin Over Biden And Sets Off A Wave Of Anger And Revulsion

For years now, members of the Trump family have repeatedly denied they have any ties to Russia or Russian President Vladimir Putin, even though evidence to the contrary can be found everywhere you look, including the four years of Donald Trump’s failed, one-term presidency, when he refused to criticize Putin for anything, even when evidence pointed directly to the Russian leader.

Now, however, under President Joe Biden, the tone has changed, with the current president making it clear the United States government will no longer coddle the mass murdering thug who currently rules the nation of Russia.

Just this week, Biden was asked if he considered Putin to be a killer. He replied:

“Mm-hmm, I do.”

And that wasn’t all President Biden had to say about the Russian president:

“The president also said Putin would ‘pay a price’ after U.S. intelligence released a report that found the Kremlin had tried to help former President Donald Trump win reelection last year.”

Contrast that with what Trump said when he was asked the same question by former Fox host Bill O’Reilly in 2017:

“There are a lot of killers. Do you think our country is so innocent?”

For his part, when Putin was asked about President Biden’s comments that he was killer, he lamely told a reporter:

“It takes one to know one.”

Putin also challenged Biden to an unscripted debate, which Biden wisely refused. Why in the hell would you debate a man who has repeatedly tried to interfere with our elections?

Into this back-and-forth steps Donald Trump Jr. Yes, the same Don Jr. who met with Russian officials at Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential race to obtain “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

Junior posted this on Twitter:

As if the United States looked any weaker than it did with Don Jr.’s old man in the White House.

That was all it took for social media to light up with anger and outright revulsion:

Here’s a bit of advice for Don Jr.: If Putin is such great guy, why don’t you move to Moscow and renounce your U.S. citizenship? That way you could be closer to the object of your man crush.

Social Media

Cardi B Outrages Conservatives By Posting Lewd Photos Of Melania Trump On Twitter

Perhaps you heard about how deeply upset some right-wingers were with a performance by Cardi B when she performed the song “WAP” at an awards show in a manner that some found objectionable, even though it was well within the parameters of what’s allowed on television.

However, rather than turn the channel and mind their own business, people such as Candace Owens took to social media and began whining as if someone had just plunged hot daggers into their eyes and then danced in celebration. Owens posted this:

And that, according to The Independent, is where things got really interesting:

“Naked photos of Melania Trump published on Twitter by Cardi B during a clash over her Grammys performance don’t violate the company’s terms of service, according to a company spokesperson.

“The rapper posted a full-frontal nude photo of the former first lady as her clash with conservative commentator Candace Owens spilt over from Fox News onto Twitter.

“A spokesperson for Twitter told The Independent that while the company has a non-consensual nudity policy that would see an account immediately suspended, images previously published with the person’s consent would not be against those rules.”

In response, Cardi B wrote this:

No! Candy, men treat women on how a woman allows a man to treat them.I mean look at Melania she was a porn star however she didn’t allowed Trump to treat her as so or shame her for her passed and made her into a First Lady & the mother of his child

I don’t know why candy is so bothered by WAP.I was just inspired by our former First Lady ?. Anyways congrats on your new show I hope you speak more about WAP I need it to reach a new Audience to go 6x platinum. Any exposure will help .Love you candy 

Here’s a sample of the photos Cardi B posted:

Melania Trump once worked as a nude model. That’s just a fact. And yet you don’t hear conservatives raising holy hell about that, do you? But when a grown woman (who also happens to be African-American) dares to dance or perform in a suggestive way, suddenly a different standard applies.

It’s hard to know which to be more upset about, the hypocrisy or the blatant racism. Conservatives specialize in both.


Business Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s ‘Fortune’ Is Disappearing – He Lost A Third Of His Total Net Worth Last Year

While he loves to brag about what a great businessman he is and how much money he has, a new report from Bloomberg makes it clear that the Trump “fortune” is dwindling by the day, with his total net worth plummeting by a third in 2020 alone.

Ironically, Trump’s own failures as president — the coronavirus pandemic and being associated with the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection — have been catastrophic to his bottom line:

“His financial disclosures and loan documents, interviews with former executives and industry analysts, and a host of legal fights and investigations reveal just how much trouble Trump and his company could face. Covid has been hard on office buildings key to his wealth and hotels and resorts that bear his name. The fallout from the Capitol assault has hurt his relationships with brokers and lenders. At least $590 million in loans come due in the next four years, more than half personally guaranteed by Trump, and his scrapyard of failed enterprises has only gotten more crowded.”

The foundation of the Trump Organization, commercial real estate, has been pummeled by the ongoing fears over COVID-19 which exist both in the United States and across the globe:

“No segment in Trump’s business world is as important as commercial real estate, which accounts for about three-quarters of his net worth. And few industries in the U.S. have been as hard hit over the past year, when workers disappeared from office towers and business districts became ghost towns. He’s facing a ‘triple whammy’ from Covid, the Capitol riot and an aging portfolio of properties, says Ruth Colp-Haber, who runs office consultant Wharton Property Advisors. ‘These are the businesses you don’t want to be in right now.'”

Even Trump Tower — seen by many as emblematic of Trump’s corporation — is suffering, with rents on Fifth Avenue where the tower is located plunging 32 percent over the past two years, which raises questions about whether Trump will ever be able to turn around the losses he’s currently seeing when he looks at his balance sheet.

In recent years, Trump has pivoted to licensing his name to properties and businesses in an effort to offset some of his losses in the real estate sector. But that line of revenue is also suffering badly:

“After the Capitol riot, Trump Plaza in Florida’s West Palm Beach voted to strip Trump’s name, and New York City is trying to pull his contracts to run ice rinks, a carousel and a golf course.”

And let’s not forget the plethora of legal landmines Trump and the Trump Organization are facing, especially in New York, where both the Manhattan D.A. and state attorney general suspect crimes ranging from bank, insurance, and fraud to money laundering, all of which could bankrupt the failed, one-term president and send him and his children to prison for decades.

Donald Trump probably thought his four years in the White House would be great for his company. Clearly, he was wrong, and clearly he is also one of the worst businessmen on the face of the planet.