Ouch! Jeb Bush Just Put A Nasty Burn On Donald Trump

Throughout the 2016 GOP primaries, Donald Trump reserved some of his must cutting remarks for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who he often derided as being “low energy.” But with Trump now in the White House, surrounded by scandal and fading in the approval ratings, Bush is getting his revenge.

Speaking to radio host John Catsimatidis for an interview on AM 970 in New York, Bush said leadership was needed from Trump:

“We haven’t come up with a compelling, unifying agenda. And that’s where you see the struggles in Washington right now. The healthcare debacle is a good example of that.”

Bush then pointed the finger of blame squarely at Trump:

“Presidential leadership would be helpful here. There’s a lot that could be done that I think has broad-based support. If he could focus on these positive things, our brand then could be solidified, I think.”

Hey, why bother on focusing when you can lay in your bed and tweet out insults or conspiracy theories?

Trump is within a month of reaching the first 100 day plateau, and what does he have to show for those three-plus months in office? Consider these failures:

  • His second Muslim/travel ban remains on indefinite hold.
  • His promise to repeal and replace Obamacare went down in flames thanks to members of his own party.
  • The Russia scandal continues to grow and threatens to consume the administration.
  • Trump’s approval rating stands at 36 percent, the lowest in history for an American head of state.

The administration is signaling that they will tackle tax reform as their next policy initiative, but considering how badly they screwed up the healthcare plan, does anyone actually think they can get that done?

As Jeb Bush noted, leadership is needed in times such as these. But Trump isn’t a leader. He thinks pouting, tweeting, and threats are leadership. No wonder he failed so often as a businessman.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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