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Online Fashion Site Drops Ivanka Trump Brand Of Shoes Due To Consumer Boycott

Looks like that whole Donald Trump as President thing is gonna wind up costing his family a boatload of money, which may well wind up being the ultimate irony.

Online retailer has dropped all products carrying the name of Ivanka Trump, the President-elect’s daughter. They are publicly saying they did so because the products “were not selling well,” but reports the real reason was in response to the #GrabYourWallet campaign which is encouraging consumers to boycott any business that sells Trump products.

In October, marketing expert Shannon Coulter compiled and circulated a list of businesses that sell Trump products. Included on that list are Macy’s, Amazon, and Nordstrom. According to, was originally on Coulter’s list, but it has since been removed since dropping the Trump brand.

Ivanka Trump has said on Good Morning America that others are to blame for politicizing her brand name as a way to strike back at her father:

“I never politicized that message. People who are seeking to politicize it because they may disagree with the politics of my father, there’s nothing I can do to change that.”

Good luck with those falling sales, Ivanka. By the time your daddy leaves the White House, you might be lucky to have two pennies you can rub together. But don’t worry because Daddy Dearest can always steal some more money for you.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

3 replies on “Online Fashion Site Drops Ivanka Trump Brand Of Shoes Due To Consumer Boycott”

We should all not by any of the Trump products because they are not made in the USA they are made in other countries so they can line their pockets with more gold and still not pay the money they owe the hard-working Americans that build his buildings and the money he stole from the people from Trump University and other lectures they are just criminals with fancy degrees and that live in a high-rise they must look down on us and think of us as ants ready to squish it we can fight back America. Let’s change the saying that the rich keep getting richer. On The Apprentice When Donald Trump said that he was going to give the Charity’s $25,000 of his money he never gave them a penny but when I donate money to the Wounded Warriors and the Humane Society I actually give them money out of my own pocket and I am a disabled American and I live on a fixed income but I always try to give a little bit because I am blessed it seems to me they should be ashamed of themselves to be that greedy and not share or give back to the community instead they decide how much more money can we steal from the American people intake jobs out of this country and send them overseas to see how much more we can make on the bottom line we can use those jobs here in this country

I will not be spending any of my money that has anything to do with trumps my money will be spent on businesses that believe in made in USA. Trump tower had hats make America great again made in China. What a slap in the face.

Money is the only language the chumps understand so hit em where it hurts don’t forget boycott Exxon, the companies Price invested in and the rest of the carpetbaggers in his administration AND major corporate supporters

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