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Omarosa: If Trump Wants To Run In 2024 He ‘Needs To Come Clean About His Health’

Just last week, an arbitrator in New York ruled that failed, one-term former President Donald Trump’s nondisclosure agreement with ex-White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman was “vague, indefinite, and therefore void and unenforceable.”

 T. Andrew Brown, the arbitrator, said in his ruling:

“The Agreement effectively imposes on [Manigault Newman] an obligation to never say anything remotely critical of Mr. Trump, his family or his or his family members’ businesses for the rest of her life.”

Now free to speak her mind and tell anything she knows, Newman appeared on MSNBC to discuss the issue of whether or not Trump will run in 2024 with host Rev. Al Sharpton, and she quickly let it be known that there are many secrets the former president is keeping from the American people that need to be explored if indeed the ex-president does make another run for the White House.

Specifically, Newman said that if Trump does decide to seek a second term three years from now, he needs to come clean with voters:

“I think going into 2024, I’m really more concerned about the fact that Donald Trump hasn’t come forward and talked about his health. I don’t know if he will even be healthy enough to run in 2024. I think he needs to come clean to the American people about where he is on that before deciding to get into a very stressful and strenuous race for the White House.”

We know that Trump contracted COVID-19 while still president, and later learned from the New York Times that his lungs got so bad that doctors feared he would have to be placed on a ventilator and likely not survive if his condition got any worse. Doctors were also concerned that Trump would suffer organ failure as a result of the virus.

Additionally, Trump’s niece, Mary, noted that as a sufferer of asthma as a child, she could recognize the way Donald was struggling to breathe after he left Walter Reed and walked up the steps of the White House to the second floor.

Trump has yet to answer any questions about how bad his battle with COVID was, but he can expect those queries if he does seek to run in 2024, especially since he’d be 78 years old at the time.

There have also been rumors about alleged drug usage by Donald Trump, with many suggesting he was once addicted to amphetamines and may still use them to bolster his fading health.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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