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Obama Named Most Admired Man Of 2016; Beats Out Trump By Wide Margin

President Obama was just named the most admired man of the year, the ninth time consecutive he has won that title, and he beat out Donald Trump by a pretty hefty margin.

Trump Twitter tantrum set to begin in 3, 2, 1…..

The Gallup organization releases a poll annually as the year ends to determine who the most admired man and woman in the world are, according to Americans. Obama topped Trump 22 to 15 percent. Pope Francis was named by four percent of respondents.

As if the news of Obama besting Trump won’t be galling enough, there’s also this: Hillary Clinton was named the most admired woman for the 15th consecutive year. First Lady Michelle Obama was second on the list. Where, you may ask, did Melania and Ivanka Trump place? They didn’t. Perhaps because neither is the least bit impressive.

Gallup explained the win by Obama this way:

“Obama’s win over Trump this year is largely a result of the president earning more mentions among Democrats than Trump receives from Republicans. Fifty percent of Democrats named Obama as most admired, compared with 34% of Republicans choosing Trump.”

Apparently even Republicans know Trump is an incompetent weasel.

Might Trump’s numbers improve after a year in office? Gallup thinks they might:

“Given the prominence of incumbent presidents as the most admired man, Trump may be the favorite to win the distinction next year, provided he does not have low job approval ratings in December 2017. Even if Obama does not win the honor next year, his relative youth and high favorable ratings could make him a fixture in the top 10 for years.”

As President Obama said earlier this week, had he been able to run for a third term, he would have beaten Trump. Personally, I think he would have wiped the floor with Cheeto head.

OK, Donald, now you can tweet out how hurt your feelings are, you pathetic loser with tiny hands.

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By Andrew Bradford

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