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Newsweek Editor Predicts Trump Will Flee The Country If He’s Indicted

In eight days, Donald Trump will no longer have the protection from indictment he currently enjoys. That means prosecutors in New York (and other states) will be able to file charges against the soon-to-be former president.

Trump is reportedly terrified of what awaits him as soon as he leaves the White House, and that has Newsweek editor-at-large Tom Rogers predicting Trump will flee the United States if he’s indicted.

Appearing on MSNBC Tuesday morning, Rogers said he couldn’t see Trump staying and fighting the charges that are likely to be filed against him:

“One thing he said a number of months ago was ‘imagine if I lose, I might have to leave the country.'”

“I actually think if he is indicted here for the criminal acts I’m talking about — and obviously they need to be pursued with due process and fairness — but if he is, I think there is a chance he would flee the country. Go to a country that we have no extradition treaty with, with a friendly president, maybe like Brazil.”

Rogers added:

“I think this whole notion of going after him as a person, as the head of a personality cult can really do an awful lot, not only to change this perception of people still believing in him and therefore him being able to impose litmus tests on how congressmen act when it comes to policy and political issues, and turn him into some level of a political irrelevant which I think is absolutely doable if we go hard and fast going after him on these other criminal activities.”

There’s a very real chance that Trump will be indicted for financial crimes and inciting the riot at the Capitol. And, considering what a coward he is, there’s also a good chance he’ll try to run instead of facing the music. Maybe we need to put him the no-fly list and make sure he doesn’t leave the United States.

Here’s Tom Rogers on MSNBC:

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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