New York Times Writer To Donald Trump: ‘Your Soul Is Dark, Your Character Corrupt’

Over the weekend, Donald Trump decided it would be a good idea to visit an African-American church in Detroit and attend a service. Though the campaign called it “outreach” to black voters, it was nothing more than a photo-op, plain and simple. It was yet another act of cynical manipulation and attention-seeking from a man who sees himself as a modern-day demigod.

One of the people who witnessed Trump’s trip to Detroit was New York Times op-ed writer Charles Blow, who just so happens to be black. And in a column he wrote, Blow let his feelings be known, writing:

“You have proudly brandished your abrasiveness, and now you want to whine and moan about your own abrasions. Not this day. Not the next day. Not ever. You will never shake the essence of yourself. Your soul is dark, your character corrupt. You are a reprobate and a charlatan who has ridden a wave of intolerance to its crest.”

Blow also reminds readers of other objectionable things Trump has said over the years, such as:

  • His claims that Mexico sends rapists and drug dealers into the United States
  • His promotion of the blatant lie that President Obama isn’t an American citizen
  • Making fun of a disabled reporter and then lying about having done so

Finally, Blow concludes with this perfectly worded knockout punch aimed at the Orange Menace:

“You are not to be praised for your fourth quarter outreach, but reviled for it, because it contains contempt, not contrition. Everything about this spectacle was offensive: that a black pastor had invited this money changer into the temple to defile it; that Trump was once again using the objects of his aggression for a last-ditch photo-op; that news media continue to call this an ‘outreach to black voters,’ when it’s clearly not.”

Bravo to Charles Blow! This is the kind of thing every editorial columnist in America needs to be writing from now until Election Day.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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