NEW REPORT: GOP State Campaign Offices In Complete Chaos

National political campaigns–i.e. those for the White House–are not won at the national level. Instead, they are won state by state. Each state has its own organizational chart and personnel who are tasked with specific duties such as voter registration, voter contacts, and local advertising. You do not become President if your state organizations are in disarray. And with that being said, it seems clearer each and every day that Donald Trump will not be the next President of the United States.

With less than a week before the Republican convention begins and four months to the general election, a new report from the Associated Press shows that GOP state operations in multiple states are in utter disarray. The report states:

“With early voting beginning in less than three months in some states, the review reveals that the national GOP has delivered only a fraction of the ground forces detailed in discussions with state leaders earlier in the year. And that is leaving anxious local officials waiting for reinforcements to keep pace with Democrat Hillary Clinton in the states that matter most in 2016.”

If you take a closer look at the swing states which will ultimately determine who wins the election, the picture looks even bleaker for the GOP:

“Some examples of Republican shortfalls: Ohio Republicans thought they were going to see 220 paid staffers by May; in reality there are about 50. Plans for Pennsylvania called for 190 paid staffers; there are about 60. Iowa’s planned ground force of 66 by May actually numbers between 25 and 30. In Colorado, recent staff departures have left about two dozen employees, far short of the 80 that were to have been in place.”

In Florida, one of the most important states to any Presidential election, the Associated Press reports that the state campaign office for the Trump camp was closed and its voice mailbox full.

If this level of underfunding, understaffing, and complete chaos continues, Trump will indeed lose, and potentially by the largest margin in American electoral history.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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