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New Poll Shows Hateful Uncle Tom Sheriff David Clarke Is TOAST If He Runs For Reelection

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke–a regular on Fox News–may want to start updating his resume if a new poll is any indication of how voters in his county feel about him.

A just-released survey from Public Policy Polling shows that 62 percent of voters questioned said they disapprove of the job Clarke is doing, while only 31 approve.

There’s more bad news for Clarke deeper in the poll: 65 percent said they feel Clarke has had a negative impact on the county’s image, with only 29 percent saying they think he’s helped give Milwaukee County a positive image.

Clarke has always run as a Democrat, even though he has nothing but bad things to say about Democrats. And that could also be a big problem for this loudmouthed lout, with only 13 percent of registered Democrats saying they could support the sheriff. 82 percent said they would support anyone but Clarke if that person runs as a Democrat.

Should Clarke change party affiliation and run as a Republican, he would probably win the GOP nomination in a landslide. But that still leaves him in a precarious position when the general election rolls around. The overall electoral makeup of Milwaukee County would not be favorable for this Uncle Tom who is so fond of kissing Sean Hannity and Donald Trump’s asses.

Specifically, the PPP survey shows that 62 percent of those polled vote in Democratic primaries compared to only 27% in Republican ones. Additionally, 64 percent of respondents voted for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election and only 30 percent say they approve of Trump.

In 2016, the voters got rid of asshat Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. And it appears that 2018 will leave David Clarke without a job. Maybe he can get a talk show on Fox and spread his poison there.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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