NEW POLL: Most Americans Doubt Trump Can Handle The Job Of President

Though he may be on the verge of taking the oath of office in 18 days, it already appears that most Americans don’t think Donald Trump has what it takes to do the job he was elected to do.

A new Gallup poll released Monday morning shows that only 46 percent of those surveyed are confident that Trump can handle an international crisis, while 47 percent believe he will he use military force wisely.

In contrast, solid majorities were confident in Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton before they took office. Fully seven in 10 Americans thought Obama, Bush, and Clinton could be trusted to handle those same duties.

The only bright spot for Trump in the Gallup poll is this: 60 percent of Americans believe Trump will work effectively with Congress. 59 percent think he will handle the economy effectively.

When you examine the political breakdown of poll participants, an even more glaring chasm emerges: Just 14 percent of Democrats are confident Trump will prevent scandals and 35 percent expect him to work effectively with Congress.

On the Republican side, between 77 percent and 90 percent of Republicans are confident in the president-elect, but that number drops significantly when the question becomes whether or not Trump will be able to avoid scandals while in the Oval Office. Only 77 percent of Republicans are confident Trump will no be embroiled in scandals while president.

 Gallup concludes their poll with this summation:

“Emerging the victor in a contentious campaign featuring two of the least well-liked candidates in modern presidential election history, Trump prepares to take office with a majority of Americans viewing him unfavorably. Trump is also much less well-liked than any recent president-elect.

“As such, the public is much less confident in Trump than in his predecessors to handle several of a president’s major tasks, including dealing with challenging foreign policy matters such as handling an international crisis or using U.S. military force.”

Enjoy your nonexistent honeymoon, Donnie!

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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