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New Documents Prove Trump Laundered Money For Russian Banks (DETAILS)

Despite his repeated denials of having any connections to Russia, evidence continues to emerge suggesting that President Trump does indeed have deep ties to the country.

document just released by the Office of Government Ethics proves that Trump has laundered money for numerous business and financial entities over the years, including banks located in Russia.

In January, Deutsche Bank was fined in excess of $630 million for a bizarre scheme in which the bank had engaged in massive money laundering via its branches in both New York and Moscow. Deutsche Bank also loaned huge amounts of money to the Trump Organization. That would suggest that some of the Russian money that was laundered by the bank also found its way into Trump’s pockets. Some of those funds were even used to pay for the renovation of the old post office in Washington, D.C. which later became the Trump International Hotel.

Additionally, Russian banking and financial entities are often used for the laundering of money earned in various criminal enterprises by the Russian mafia. Those funds are then transferred to foreign banks accounts under the name of shell corporations which are nothing more than fronts for illegal money which needs to be washed before it’s invested in legitimate businesses.

The question, therefore, is this: How much money has Trump taken from Russian organized crime and other nefarious “businesses” that have invested in his properties and are now able to exercise control over Trump and his organization through both blackmail and outright bribery?

Of course, if Trump wanted to put such speculation to rest and prove he isn’t beholden to any Russian oligarchs or mafia figures, all he has to do is release his tax returns. But whenever that solution is suggested, Trump repeatedly says he cannot show the world his taxes because he’s being audited.

Rest assured, while Trump may never voluntarily show the world his tax returns, Special Counsel Robert Mueller already has them and is poring over with a fine-toothed comb.

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