New Book On Trump–‘Trump Revealed’–Shows A Man Of Endless Contradictions (VIDEO)

Some writers have what can best be called “perfect timing,” and two in particular–Marc Fisher and Michael Kranish–may have timed their latest book on Donald Trump better than anyone ever has. Fisher and Kranish, who work as reporters for the Washington Post, have just released a book about Trump entitled Trump Revealed, and what it reveals is a man of absolute contradictions who loves publicity but hates the media.

Kranish was the guest on NPR’s Fresh Air, and he told host Dave Davies that Trump’s philosophy is simple:

“Whether it’s good press or bad press, it’s getting your name out there. Getting your name on the gossip pages and the front pages and even the sports pages, [is] all in the effort of building the name.”

The two writers also shared excerpts from their new biography, which Trump cooperated with, granting them 20 hours of interview time. As is noted in the book:

“The interviews were fascinating but frequently frustrating: He rarely refused to answer our questions, but when the subject was uncomfortable or raised doubts about some of his past decisions, he often gave us disjointed answers that steered into completely unrelated matters.”

That certainly sounds exactly like the Donald Trump we’ve all come to know and dislike.

The book also explores the psyche of Trump by examining the way he lives. For example, his office and his desk:

“The rest of the desk was devoted to Donald, the stacks of magazines featuring his image, the morning’s news clippings about himself. Yet in an office dedicated almost entirely to celebrating Trump’s success and performance, nothing spoke to the man’s private passions or predilections, nothing to indicate a hobby, an artistic interest, a literary bent, a statement about his credo, his crises, or his dreams.”

To even an amateur psychologist, that screams textbook narcissist, which Trump most certainly is.

As for friends, the writers say Trump almost always mentions business-related acquaintances:

“Most of my friendships are business-related because those are the only people I meet. The people I meet, really, I guess I could say socially, when you go out to a charity event or something. . . . I have people that I haven’t spoken to in years, but I think they’re friends.

“I mean, I think I have a lot of friends, but they’re not friends like perhaps other people have friends, where they’re together all the time and they go out to dinner all the time.”

In other words he doesn’t have the kind of friends normal human beings have.

One thing comes ringing through when reading Trump Revealed: Donald J. Trump is a self-obsessed, thin-skinned, and very dangerous man who cannot ever be allowed near the nuclear launch codes.

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By Andrew Bradford

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