Multiple Post-Debate Polls Show MAJOR GAINS For Hillary Clinton

Monday’s Presidential debate was not only widely seen as an overwhelming victory for Hillary Clinton, but it turns out it also paid dividends when it comes to improving her overall polling numbers, according to just released polls.

The Reuters/Ipsos tracking poll shows that Clinton now leads Trump by a margin of eight points, 44 to 36 percent. If you narrow the poll to likely voters, Clinton still leads, 44 to 38 percent.

Also, an NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll indicates that women in particular were impressed with Clinton’s debate performance and the way she pointed out sexist comments Donald Trump has made over the course of his life. Twenty-seven percent of likely women voters said the debate made them think worse of Trump. And nearly a third, or 30 percent, said their opinion of Clinton had improved. Women are one of the most important demographic groups in the 2016 election, especially women who live in the suburbs of key cities within battleground states such as Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Milwaukee.

Joan Hume, a 71-year-old retiree in Fairfield, Ohio, had this to say of Trump:

“I’m undecided, but I’m leaning more towards Hillary than I ever have before because of the debate. There’s a side of (Trump) that’s scary to me that I’m seeing more of. I thought maybe he would change when he got the nomination, but he’s getting worse.”

Trump fared most poorly with independent women when they were asked if he has the “temperament and personality to serve.” A whopping eighty percent of independent female voters said he does not. In contrast, independent women voters were more evenly split on Clinton’s personality and temperament, with 51 percent saying she met the test for president.

Kathryn Fink said Trump was far too abrasive at the first debate:

“I was a little bit taken aback. I understand that Donald Trump is a passionate person, but in situations like that I believe he needed to pull back and not quite be so combative.”

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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