MSNBC Host: Steve Bannon Is ‘Stupid’ And ‘Cannot Implement Making A Ham Sandwich’ (VIDEO)

Last week, senior White House adviser Steve Bannon was removed from his spot on the National Security Council, and rumors began circulating that Bannon might be on the verge of being fired by the alleged president. Could Bannon be on his way out?

Bannon was the topic on Morning Joe Monday, and co-host Joe Scarborough made it clear he thinks Bannon is damaged goods who has lost a great deal of prestige and influence, commenting:

“How many Breitbart stories attacked the family over the weekend? I don’t know who he thinks he’s playing with. If he thinks he’s can leak something to Breitbart and that egg not end up on Steve Bannon’s face. How stupid does he think Trump and Ivanka and Kushner are?”

Bloomberg reporter Mark Halperin disagreed with Scarborough, saying Bannon plays a key role in implementing certain policy goals:

“Someone has to implement those impulses. The president cannot implement.”

That’s when Scarborough went nuclear, completely dismissing Bannon as a force within the Oval Office:

“[Steve Bannon] cannot implement making a ham sandwich. This guy botched an [Executive Order] that screwed his first two weeks in the White House…Then he went up to Capitol Hill to sell Congress and then threatened them, we saw how that turned out.”

Clearly, Bannon is involved in a power struggle with Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law. Considering how much authority Trump has given to Kushner, Bannon cannot win a showdown with Ivanka’s husband. If indeed Bannon wants to try and force Trump to choose between him and Kushner, then Bannon’s days are numbered.

Bannon was a poor choice to serve in any role in the administration. A man who has spent most of his life tossing bombs is not exactly suited to cooperation and policy-making. And don’t forget that Bannon is also an avowed white nationalist. Such a person has no place making decisions which impact a country as diverse as the United States.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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