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MSNBC Host Says Of Trump: ‘Something Is Deeply Wrong With This Man’ (VIDEO)

Even those who once supported Donald Trump are now realizing that his self-destructive behavior and endless need to post blatant lies on social media may suggest that he’s mentally unbalanced.

Monday morning on the MSNBC show Morning Joe, co-host Joe Scarborough said Trump’s weekend tweets in which he asserted yet again that he’d been wiretapped by former President Obama suggest that Trump may indeed have a mental disorder:

“He’s repeated this over and over and over again. It really is like picking the same scab over and over again — I’m sorry to say that — but that’s what he’s doing. His staff — like any sane, rational staff — would be pulling their hair out right now saying, my god. Instead, they keep making excuses for him.”

Scarborough added that Trump has yet act the least bit presidential:

“He is now the 45th president of the United States. What does he do? He starts obsessing about crowd size and starts lying about crowd size. I’m sorry, that is not a healthy, normal, well-functioning man.”

For these reasons and others, Scarborough concluded, it’s reasonable to wonder if Trump is mentally unstable:

“Here is the critical thing — don’t say, please, on Twitter, stop being stupid. Don’t be stupid and say you should have known this was coming because of what he did with the birther stuff. I will say it again, Donald Trump cynically knew if he played the birther card that 45 percent of the Republican Party would be in support of him and say, ‘Hey, that’s our guy — he’s saying what nobody else will say.’

“That was in his self-interest. It was offensive, it was a lie and it was racist, but his political self-interest was cynically forwarded just like a bigot in the South back in the 1940s would do that. In this case, everything he is doing just as offensive, but it is against his political interest. That’s where you start saying, ‘Okay, wait a second. there’s no rational reason he should be doing this every day, even if you think he’s a cynical, horrible human being.’”

Donald Trump is completely unfit to be president. He needs to be removed from office.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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