MSNBC Host HUMILIATES Rudy Giuliani For Saying Trump Has Abandoned Birtherism (VIDEO)

Can anyone tell me what the hell is up with Rudy Giuliani in recent months? One minute he’s claiming that Hillary Clinton has an undisclosed illness, and the next he’s saying only Donald Trump can restore the United States to greatness. Both of those are wrong, yet he keeps showing up on cable news shows and railing about patently false shit.

On “Hardball” last night, the former Mayor of New York was asked a very simple question by host Chris Matthews:

“Can you commit to your candidate saying in the next 24 hours that President Barack Obama’s a legitimate president? Can you commit for him that he will say that?”

Instead, Giuliani decided to tell a blatant lie:

“Just go back and look — he has said it already.”


“No he hasn’t. You are wrong on the fact, mister mayor.”

Once again Giuliani resorted to his previous lie without offering a shred of proof:

“But I think he did.”

Matthews did not relent or let Rudy slither away:

“I think you’re wrong.”

He certainly is wrong. Trump has never retracted those false claims about President Obama. Finally Giuliani relented and declared:

“Donald Trump believes that [Obama] was born in the United States.”

That’s when Matthews hit Giuliani with the biggest truth bomb of all:

“When’s he gonna say it? When is he going to say that this president is legitimate? This is a fundamental question, mister Mayor: Is the president of the United States legitimate or not? If you believe it, why doesn’t your candidate state it?”

When? Never ever! Because Trump has always been the most strident of those who try to delegitimize President Obama. Trump is jealous of the President, so he has been trying for years to suggest there is something not quite right about him. It’s disgusting and par for the course when it comes to Trump.

But here’s a verifiable fact Donald Trump needs to be asked about: Did you really rape those underage girls who have charged you with sexually violating them several years ago? Seems like a reasonable question to ask of man who loves to suggest salacious things about others.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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