MSNBC Host BLASTS Trump Campaign Manager: How Do You Look Your Kids In The Eye? (VIDEO)

With less than three weeks to go before the Presidential election, everything is going wrong for the Trump campaign. They are behind in the polls, poised to lose in states Republicans always win, and fettered with continuing allegations of sexual assault by the GOP nominee.

So it was an already on edge Kellyanne Conway who appeared on MSNBC this morning to talk about tonight’s third and final debate in Las Vegas. She was asked by host Stephanie Ruhle about the six new witnesses who have come forward to bolster the allegation of sexual assault by Trump against People writer Natasha Stoynoff. Ruhle asked Conway:

“When there are six people corroborating the People magazine story you still say her word against his? You’ve got to look at your kids when you go home at night.”

A visibly flustered Conway replied:

“Stephanie, that’s not fair. I mean, I get that from a lot of childless people worrying about my kids but…”

Ruhle then explained why she had asked the question:

“No. But you know why? I’m not going to let my kids watch the debate tonight. I don’t let my kids watch Donald Trump.”

Conway, still not willing to concede the point, tried to battle back with:

“But then they get to watch Hillary Clinton?”

The MSNBC host tried to explain that she doesn’t want her children watching Trump for a very simple reason:

“In fear that he will say to a woman in the audience, ‘You’re fat.’ In fear that he’ll make fun of someone with special needs. I don’t ever want my kids to say that.”

Again, instead of responding to what Ruhle, Conway asserted that Hillary Clinton:

“Says she’s been fighting for women for 30 years. Where’s the product? She should be held to account. Put her on this show, she won’t come on it.”

But she doesn’t make fun of the disabled, call Mexican rapists, or sexually assault women and grab them by the crotch, Kellyanne. You may have agreed to go on MSNBC, but when you refuse to answer legitimate questions, what’s the point in even showing up?

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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