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Mitch McConnell Proves He’s Terrified As New Data Shows Democrats Will Retake The Senate

Everywhere he looks, things are falling apart for Mitch McConnell.

Donald Trump is royally screwing up the coronavirus pandemic and his chances of reelection are falling by the day. At the same time, more and more state polls are showing that there’s tremendous anger and frustration in the electorate, with voters calling Trump a failure and blaming Republicans for empowering him. Oh, and 30 million people are out of work, too.

Added to that frustration is new information from noted elections expert Harry Enten, who is now predicting that Democrats are favored to retake the Senate from the GOP.

Data that Enten shared with CNN shows the political map of the country is turning blue and pointing to what can best be called a “blue wave” in November:

“Democratic chances have risen since I first looked at the map a year ago, in large part because the national environment continues to look good for them. They hold about an 8-point lead on the generic ballot. That’s about the same as it was in 2018, when it was 7 points, and about double what it was in 2016. Based on past trends, this large advantage suggests that races that may look like tossups right now are forecasted to move toward the Democrats over the course of the year.”

At this point, Democrats look almost certain to win in three states, Enten notes: Arizona (Sen. Martha McSally), Colorado (Sen. Cory Gardner) and Maine (Sen. Susan Collins). The GOP will lose control of the Senate if Democrats have a net gain of three seats, and the national map favors them taking control.

McConnell made clear Wednesday that he knows he’s likely beaten and will no longer be Senate Majority Leader.

Asked about another coronvirus stimulus bill that would send needed money to the states, McConnell said it would be “if” he approved of such a package, not “when.” That’s his version of hardball, but he’s cutting off his nose to spite his face, because many of the states that are most in need of federal assistance just so happen to be red. States like Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina. The South has been hit especially hard by COVID-19.

The world is falling apart beneath Mitch McConnell’s feet. He can read the handwriting on the wall and knows the end is near.

In the meantime, he and Trump are going to try and run a scorched earth campaign to inflict as much pain and suffering as possible. But their days are passing. Change is on the horizon, and that change is going to bring Republicans to their knees.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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What a great day if this comes about. Hopefully there can then be a complete investigation into the criminal activities of this gangster and his crew. Hope all the holders of positions of power in the GOP have good excuses for the way they have creamed everything off for themselves. Can’t wait…

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