Mike Pence Swears He’s Not Trump’s ‘Clean-Up Crew,’ But Continues To Do Exactly That

Poor Mike Pence. Perhaps we should pity the man who has to try and be the running mate for someone as unhinged as Donald Trump. Then again, when you consider what a right-wing sack of crap Pence is, it’s nearly impossible to feel the least bit sorry for him.

Pence made an appearance on “Fox News Sunday” this morning, and apparently he’s been feeling a bit left out lately, because he declared that he’s not just a one-man “clean-up crew” for the Donald.

Uh, yeah you are, Mike.

Pence also had this bit of tripe to share with the Fox viewers:

“I couldn’t be more honored to be campaigning shoulder to shoulder with a man who I believe is going to be the next president of the United States.”

The former Governor of Indiana was also asked about the many controversies Trump has been involved in since the Democratic and Republican conventions ended: the controversy over the Gold Star family, his remarks about pulling out of the NATO alliance, etc. To that, Pence once more parroted out:

“Look, he’s not someone that spent a lifetime in politics. He speaks his heart and he speaks his mind. And I truly do believe, this good man is going to be a great president of the United States.”

Sadly, it does indeed appear that Mike Pence is now drinking from the big vat of Kool-Aid at the Trump campaign headquarters. They must have that stuff spiked with some very serious narcotics because Mike is delusional as hell.

As for the cleaning up part, I have this bit of wisdom for Brother Pence: When you go to the circus, you see elephants. Elephants are very entertaining, but they make a big mess because they crap a lot. So someone gets paid to sweep up the crap after the circus is over. Mike, that’s your job now: You sweep up the piles of feces that spew from Trump’s mouth. You may think you’re his “running mate,” but don’t kid yourself. You’re just a janitor wearing a Brooks Brothers suit.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

One reply on “Mike Pence Swears He’s Not Trump’s ‘Clean-Up Crew,’ But Continues To Do Exactly That”

So Mikro Penice really thinks his job isn’t to follow behind the circus and clean up the oral fecal matter that falls and drips behind it? Well, when someone is THAT delusional, it’s not safe to mess with their “reality.”

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