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Michigan Republican Calls For ‘Another Kent State’ To Deal With Campus Protesters

Dan Adamini is the  former chair and current secretary of the Marquette County Republican Party in Michigan. He got extremely upset when he saw video of protests on the UCal Berkeley campus this week, and thought it’d be a great idea to go on social media and issue what amounts to death threats against any college student who dares to protest, even though we all have a Constitutional right to do so. Here’s what Adamini posted:

Yes, Adamini would like to see a return to the days when Ohio National Guard troops marched onto the Kent State University campus and opened fire on students protesting the Vietnam War. Four students were killed and nine others were wounded, including one who was paralyzed for life.

Reaction to Adamini’s insensitive posts was swift, with Brandon Dillon, chair of the Michigan Democratic Party saying in a statement:

“There is no ambiguity or alternative interpretation. To call for ‘another Kent State’ and declare that ‘one bullet stops a lot of thuggery’ is to clearly and openly advocate for the murder of unarmed college students, simply because they don’t share his beliefs or point of view.”

Doreen Takalo, a member of the Marquette County Republican Party, maintained that Adamini hadn’t “meant it exactly the way he said it.”

Adamini, who hosts a local radio program, had this to say in his own defense:

“What I was trying to get across, apparently very poorly, is that the violence at the college campus in Berkeley was reminiscent of the violence on college campuses in the ’60s. I fear that if we cannot get a handle on the violence, we might see the same type of tragic end. 

“I was not calling for violence against the protesters. I was calling for a stop to the violence by the protesters.”

The Michigan GOPer also whined that he’d had to take down his Facebook page because he’d gotten so many responses to his hate speech. And he made this bogus excuse via Twitter:

Your intent was to stop violence by calling for murder by law enforcement or the military, Dan? Sounds like complete right-wing bullshit double-talk to me.

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