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Melania Trump Just Became One Of The Most Despised First Ladies In History

What is it with Melania Trump?

When her husband became president, she announced that her focus as first lady would be cyberbullying, which is certainly a noble cause that needs to be addressed. And yet she’s never once mentioned the fact that the guy she’s married to is one of the biggest bullies on social media.

There was also the infamous jacket Melania wore when she went to visit a detention center for immigrant children. It read: “I really don’t care, do u?”

All of this has led Americans to decide they’ve had quite enough of the current first lady, and they’re making their views known in a new poll conducted by CNN:

“Melania Trump will be exiting the White House with the lowest favorability rating of her tenure as first lady, according to a new CNN poll.

“At 47%, more people have an unfavorable view of the first lady now than at any point since CNN first asked about views of her in February 2016. The poll, conducted by SSRS for CNN, puts Trump’s favorable rating at 42%, with 12% of those asked answering they are unsure of their feelings about the first lady.

“Trump’s highest favorable rating was in May 2018 at 57% according to a CNN poll taken at the time, which came on the heels of the first state dinner and Trump’s attendance at the Texas funeral of the late first lady Barbara Bush. Trump went to the funeral without President Donald Trump.”

How, you’re probably wondering, does Melania’s pathetic favorable rating compare to her predecessor, Michelle Obama?

“In comparison, former First Lady Michelle Obama had a 69% favorability rating when she departed the White House in 2017.”

Yep, Michelle’s numbers were 27 percent higher than Melania’s. And that’s as it should be, especially since Mrs. Obama never plagiarized Melania when writing a speech.

It may sound harsh, but it needs to be said: Melania Trump is despised by a large percentage of the American public. And considering who she’s married to, that should surprise no one. Not even her.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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