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Melania Trump Decided To Endorse Ben Carson’s New Book – Big Mistake

Remember Ben Carson? Sure you do. He’s the guy who went from doing brain surgery on kids to being the worst Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in U.S. history. Carson’s only qualification for the post was that as a child he’d lived in government housing because his family was poor.

And now Dr. Carson is back, but not to save anyone’s life, which he’s really good at, but to plug a book he’s written entitled Why America Matters.

What’s the book about? Here’s a brief synopsis from Google Books, which was likely written by Carson’s publisher:

Why America Matters is a children’s book about the Judeo-Christian values of America and its founding, and the importance of the Four Pillars of the American Cornerstone Institute: Faith, Liberty, Community, Life.

Through rhymes and colorful illustrations, readers understand how our founding values continue with today’s patriotic Americans.

That certainly sounds like a very noble endeavor. The “pillars” of faith, liberty, community, and life have indeed been essential to this republic since we declared our independence from Great Britain back in 1776.

Is Ben Carson the best person to write such a book? That’s debatable, but he has as much right to pen a tome as anyone, and he is indeed a well-known man who has a accomplished a great deal in his life.

To help sell the book, former First Lady Melania Trump decided to write a glowing “review” on Twitter (along with a staged photo sitting next to Carson that looks like something both of them probably hated immensely.)

Also, Melania’s review of the book consists of two sentences she tweeted along with the photo:

If you look closely at those two sentences, you’ll notice that Melania didn’t even manage to get the book title correct. She has it as Why American Matters. Is her English really that bad even though she’s been living here for decades?

Also, be sure and catch the two hashtags Mel used: #FosteringTheFuture #BeBest.

Here’s one she needs to add: #IDontRead. That would cover her and the dunce she’s married to.

Want to know why America matters? Because when this country takes a turn towards fascism and autocracy, we vote the grifting douchebags out of office.

Yeah, that includes you, too, Melania.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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